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FiredoorCheck™ Case Study 1:

St Mary's Hospital, Isle of Wight

Using the FiredoorCheck™ System, Checkmate Fire carried out a complete audit of the Fire Doors at St Mary’s Hospital, on the Isle of Wight.

We holistically co-ordinated the fire compartmentation to match the overall fire strategy of the building.

As a result, large cost savings were realised, as it was found that approximately 500 fire doors were not on a fire line and did not need, year on year, assessing, auditing or maintaining in a fire compliant state.

Before the Audit

  • Existing drawings were found to be not fit for
  • Doors were not numbered.
  • No door schedule.
  • No differentiation existed between main
    compartmentation (1 hour) and sub compartmentation
    (1/2 hour).
  • Number of fire doors and condition of fire doors and
    compartment walls not known.
  • No system to organise and prioritise required
    remedial work.

Following the Audit

  • Differentiation now exists between main
    compartmentation and subcompartmentation.
  • Approximately 500 fire doors were found not to form
    part of the hospital’s fire compartmentation - saving
    future inspection and remedial costs.
  • The condition of each doorset now known, enabling
    remedial work to be phased and prioritised within
    budgetary constraints.
  • The hospital now has a system for managing the fire
    compartmentation for the life of the building.

Mike Davis of FiredoorCheck™ with Martin Keightley, Isle of Wight NHS
“FiredoorCheck has helped us achieve both fire compliance and efficiency savings in a practical, cost-effective manner”.
Martin Keightley,
St Mary’s Hospital Fire Safety Manager


FiredoorCheck Case Study at St Marys Hospital, Isle of Wight

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